10/08/10 We're supremely thrilled that our song "Happy Today" will appear in the Focus Features' film It's Kind of a Funny Story, based on the great novel by Ned Vizzini. It's in the movie, along with music from Broken Social Scene, Pink Mountaintops, Queen/David Bowie, Method Man, the Damned, and a bunch of others. And it's on the soundtrack, out now on Rhino Records! Wow, we are psyched. Check out the trailer:

Go see the movie and get the the soundtrack!
6/24/08 We're going back to Europe! This time with Turner Cody, as his openers and his backing band. In preparation, our record Long Grain Rights is going to be available in Germany - distributed by BB* Island. It's gonna be good!
2/07/07 Hellooooooo. Check it: King Corn was accepted for the SXSW film festival! They were kind enough to mention us on the IFC Blog.
Also, check it: our song "My Baby Loves Me" was picked for's Valentines Day playlist. Sweet!
Come see us on Sunday, Feb. 11 at the Sidewalk Cafe for the simultaneous Fortified Winter Antifolk Festival and the Crafty Records Antifolk Compilation Release Party. More info here.
9/06/06 Check out today's review of "Three Woman Blues," one of the songs off our soon-to-be-released EP, GO FIGURE. 8 points out of 10. Wha-bam. The track is even available for download with the review, so you can preview it for free!
And while you're at it, don't forget to download your free copy of the COOL DUMP LP, available through RiYL Records.
9/02/06 Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Mercury Lounge show last night! We had a blast. As thanks, we want to remind you that our second LP, COOL DUMP, is now available for free download here. Enjoy!
6/24/06 Unfortunately, the sun is taking a day off tomorrow (after all, it IS Sunday), so the Solar Powered show is postponed until NEXT SUNDAY, JULY 2, when it hopefully won't be raining. All the other details -- location, bands, time -- remain unchanged. See the CitySol website for more info.
Sorry for the last-minute notice, but see you next week!
6/17/06 See the WoWz new MUSIC VIDEO. You ain't seen nothin' like it. Ever.
We got a nice mention in The Deli Magazine (scroll about a quarter of the way down the page) about our upcoming show at the CitySol/Solar One Festival on Sunday, June 25. With us will be playing Aa/Big A Little A, Japanther, The Occasion, Parts & Labor and Tomorrow's Friend. The music will be powered by solar and biodiesel energy. See you there!
5/15/06 Sam and Johnny are quoted in a German radio show about antifolk. You can take a listen here, thanks to the good folks at Olive Juice Music. If you understand it, let us know what it means, because we have no idea what they're saying!
5/03/06 We are the Daily Download at for two of our tracks from COOL DUMP: Unbroken Chain and Out of Focus. About us they say, "recently they've zeroed in on early '60s boy-band power pop, and they're nailing the style with increasing confidence, the polished wit of their lyrics playing off nicely against a loose and ragged band sound." There's other good stuff you'll find there, be sure to scroll down after you check us out!
...And we couldn't have asked for a better segue: in the next month, we'll be making COOL DUMP available for free download through the RiYL Records site. We'll keep you updated on that, but stay tuned. In the mean time, check out other mp3's we have available. Let's keep in touch...
2/13/06 If you check our shows page you'll see a whole boatload of new shows -- or should we say böatload. We're goin' ta Germany! Traveling over there with Huggabroomstik and meeting up with Le Horror Me. Most of the shows are confirmed but a few more may be added. Check back.
Tomorrow, we're going in to mast our new EP, GO FIGURE, with Major Matt Mason and Spencer Chakedis. That means that after tomorrow, barring anything unforseen, we'll have a mastered album. Which means that we're just about ready to get ready getting ready to print it. Soon, soon. All in doo time.
And we're especially excited about the show this FRIDAY, FEB. 17th: the BROOKLYN ROCK WINTER INVITATIONAL, at Trash Bar. The folks over at Brooklyn Rock have been working hard to put it together, and have managed to assemble some pretty great bands over the three days. And if you get your tickets online, you'll also get a free subscription to Time Out New York magazine. See you there...or in Germany...
1/22/06 We're still a little groggy from 2005, but getting back into the schwing of things. We had a great time at the Sidewalk show last night — thanks to all that came out! If you check the shows page, you'll see that the next few months will be busy ones for us. Keep your eyes on the Brooklyn Rock show on February 17 — it's a great lineup and Chris Smith over at Brooklyn Rock has been doing great things for local bands.
You'll also notice that we're adding dates for the European tour in April. Check back for updates.
On the recording front, we're just about done with our four song EP, The WoWz Go Figure. We did some additional tracking with Spencer Chakedis at Balloon Heaven and mixed it there as well. It should be ready for your ears soon, so we'll let you know about that too.
Basically, it comes down to the fact that your pals the WoWz will be in touch often.
We're got a good feeling about 2006.
12/11/05 We spent a great day at Atomic Recording Company with producer Spencer Chakedis (Balloon Heaven) working on a four song EP. We finished most of the initial tracking and are overdubbing and mixing with Spencer at his own studio in Williamsburg. We'll keep you posted on it, but look for the record sometime next year, at least in time for Christmas.
Simultaneously, we're working with Chris Maher of RiYL Records on homespun album that we recorded in New Hampshire last month. We laid down a backlog of about 30 songs that hadn't been recorded -- and might not have been otherwise -- all live, no more than a few takes each. That too, will be ready sometime next year. It's gonna be the best album we've ever made.
It'll be quiet for the WoWz around holiday time, but it doesn't have to be for you: check out the records that we have available on the Music page. Our schedule is beginning to fill up for next year. Plus, look for us in Europe sometime in late March/early April!
All the best from your pals the WoWz.
11/07/05 Great reviews of LONG GRIAN RIGHTS continue to arrive: Urban Folk magazine says "...for whatever reason this album struck me in an unexpected way. I can't help but listen to it repeatedly now trying to understand out what the hell they're up to, happy enough to hear it the whole time." Left Hip Magazine wrote, "They have a smart sense of black humor that snakes its way through most of the acoustic rave-ups and sardonic songs." Find 'em here.
9/16/05 Check out the track review of "My Baby Loves Me" on Pitchfork Media today! We've also posted some tracks from COOL DUMP on the music page.
9/01/05 Just got back from Iowa, had a great trip. We did some filming and recording out there, worked with the great producer Bo Ramsey. Stay tuned and we'll try to post some of those tracks when they're ready...
8/24/05 We had bundles of fun on our mini-tour with Turner Cody. We hit up Providence, Boston, Burlington, Portland and invented a show in Hanover, NH.
We leave tomorrow for Iowa City to do some more recording for the King Corn soundtrack and maybe even some filming if we can get our hair right.
Finally, check out a show we did over the phone for WELH 88.1, Providence, RI. It's about a half hour long and that phone hiss sure does do us good. Thanks to Nadav for that.
See you all in Iowa!
7/29/05 The WoWz are the featured download at today! Go to and scroll halfway down the page to the Audiofile section. Once you click on it, you'll have to watch a short advertisement to get a "Free Day Pass" and enter the site. But go check it out, it'll be fun! Tell your friends!
We've spent the past couple days with our friend Aaron Woolf from King Corn and Spencer Chakedis of Balloon Heaven, recording for the sound track. It's coming along swimmingly -- more on that as we get farther.
Don't forget to go to!
7/26/05 We had a super fun show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater last night with the Trachteburgs. S.T. made a good point: it was really great playing for a roomfull of people that we didn't know. (Not that we don't love our friends, of course.)
We have two fun projects coming up this week. On Wednesday and Thursday, we're going back to Balloon Heaven (!) to record King Corn sountrack music with Spencer Chakedis, mad genius. We couldn't be happier to be heading back into the studio. And during the day on Thursday (don't ask how we plan to be in two places at once) we'll be with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, filming their live DVD. You might be able to come and watch, if you want -- it's a free show, so just email us to find out.
7/20/05 There's a funny new live video of us at, filmed at Tommy's Tavern, courtesy of Chris Smith, Big Genius.
7/11/05 Notice the new pictures on the front page and home! We spent an afternoon with the beautiful and talented Izzy Freeman up in Washington Heights. We settled in piles of garbage and were then promptly evicted. As we get more of them scanned in, we'll post them to the site.
Our show at the BAMcafe is this Saturday. It'll be a big night, organized by (thanks Chris and Seth!). It's a sandwich: we're in the middle, after Brian J & the Pimps of Joytime and before the Sway Machinery. They said that if the show goes well, they'll book us at MSG next. We can't wait. We had a fun time last night at the Hasid Meets Hipster show at Bar Matchless. The ongoing saga of finding a permanent home for HMH goes on. The next show, presumably (based on a complex mathematical formula we've created using both addition and multiplication), will be July 31. It's the last Sunday show before we leave for our mini-tour in August. Finally we've got some mp3's of COOL DUMP up here. Listen if you want:
Distant and Wide
Channel 3
We've decided to hold off for now on formally pressing the album. Too much other stuff to do. But we'll be releasing bootleg copies as demand dictates. If you want a copy, email us.
We'll likely be heading off to Iowa sometime in the next couple months to do the final KING CORN recording. The movie is due out later this year.
Anything else? Probably, but we can't remember.
5/09/05 Well it's been another months since we last wrote. Sometimes we stretch ourselves so thin that you can see right through us. But much to tell. COOL DUMP mixing was long and arduous, but we think we're done. Or at least Dashan has finally erased all the tracks from his 16 track so we couldn't change anything even if we wanted to. We'll be mixing with the illustrious Major Matt Mason, USA, of Olive Juice Music -- hopefully this week. We're also hoping that Chris Maher of Recommended if You Like Records will come by and lend a hand.
There was a little -- or not so little -- write up in the Columbia Spectator about us, and a few more great reviews of LONG GRAIN RIGHTS. Find Both on the Press page.
We've begun work on the soundtrack of a documentary film with three genius filmmakers. They just sent us a ten minute trailer of the film, King Corn, with our music, and it's possibly one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. Only they could make a movie about corn that keeps you on the edge of your seat; bring tissues to wipe the drool from your shirt. I wish we could put it up on the website, but I don't know if we're allowed to, and I wouldn't know how anyway. If you want to see it, though, email us, and you can come over to my house and watch it.
Keep your eyes on our schedule for updates and incoming info on our August tour. Let us know if you know a place we should play, anywhere, anytime. We're down.
4/08/05 Dear Mom and Dad,
Sorry we've been so out of touch, but the real world sure has us chasing our own tails. A string of good reviews have come in. With this smattering of critical applause, we're trying to make a splash in the main stream. Along with the Pathways, the Fugue and the Morningsides, we sent out copies of LONG GRAIN RIGHTS to a whole truckload of radio stations. Get the full list of stations at the RiYL site, and follow the link in the NEWS section. Call 'em up and request the !
Recording our new record COOL DUMP with Dashan is coming along swimmingly: we just have to record some group sing-a-longs (if you wanna be involved, email us), do more mixing, master it, decide on the artwork, get pictures taken, and get it pressed. It'll be available sometime. For now, just come to shows!
Your sons the WoWz
3/11/05 Another LONG GRAIN RIGHTS review, and this time an editor's pick, too! Read it here.
Our show at Jack's Coffee has been rescheduled for this Tuesday at 8 PM.
2/28/05 New review of LONG GRAIN RIGHTS in Punk Planet #66: "These guys have figured out how to create Beatles-esque and Dylan-ish music without sounding like a tired nostalgia trip." Read the rest on our Press page.
2/15/05 We'll be opening for the fabulous Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players this Friday. You've seen us before, but come to see the Trachtenburgs. They'll blow you away! More info here.
1/31/05 The show at Jack's tonight has been cancelled. Don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault.
1/13/05 New reviews of LONG GRAIN RIGHTS: PopMatters calls it "...some damn fine polished melodies and playing." And Splendid raves, "[it] sounds like Jonathan Richman overdosing on cough syrup and slurring out a few words before he chokes on his own vomit." How about that! Enjoy the rest in our Press section. We've also updated our schedule of shows....
12/19/04 More PHOTOS!
Also check out our friend Turner Cody's NEW WEBSITE. It's fucking art.
12/13/04 Two NEW SHOWS added: At Piano's this month with Matt Trowbridge's fantastic solo project Leafcutter (we're really excited about this one! You can listen to them here.) and Jack's Stir Brew, a great old school folk venue in Greenwich Village in February. It's the Village Voice's favorite coffee bar. As always, check out our schedule of shows.
We're also DEEP into recording our next LP, COOL DUMP, with Dashan Coram of Luv-a-Lot Records. It'll be different than LONG GRAIN RIGHTS, and even more impressive. Whether it's impressively good or impressively bad remains to be seen. We'll keep you posted on our album movements.
12/08/04 Due to unforseen cracks in the sidewalk of New York, our show this weekend in DC has been cancelled. We may be replacing it with something local, so check back for updates!
12/01/04 The website has a new look. We are always adding new shows, and will be posting more photos and press as they come in, so come back often. The WoWz love you.