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Track Listing
  1. America the Usual
  2. Chemical Country
  3. Curt and Ian Hit the Road
  4. "I Used to Have These Dreams"
  5. Curt and Ian Anticipate Things
  6. Cornfed Woman
  7. Spaghetti Midwestern
  8. "Can I Make It in My Home?"
  9. The Grass Is Always Yellower When YouÕre Blue
  10. "You're Going to Stick Your Finger in..."
  11. Curt and Ian Are Finding Things Out
  12. He Wanders
  13. Curt and Ian Hit the Big Time
  14. After the Parade, Ian Goes Up in an Airplane
  15. "We're Growing It Today"
  16. Curt and Ian Whip Something Up
  17. Curt and Ian Hang Back
  18. (ItÕs Fun to Stay) at the U-S-D-A
  19. Cornfed Woman (Instrumental)
  20. "Everything on Your Plate Is Corn"
  21. The Elevator
  22. Mr. Farmer
  • Special appearances by Bo Ramsey and Spencer Chakedis
  • Recorded at Balloon Heaven (Brooklyn), Minstrel Recording Studio (Iowa City), Atomic Recording Company (Brooklyn), Care-a-Lot Studio (NYC) and Olive Juice Music Studio (NYC)
  • Mastered by Major Matt Mason of Olive Juice Music
  • Released December 12, 2007 on Luv-a-Lot Records


Luv-a-Lot Records LV40
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Track Listing (Click on a link to listen)
  1. Blue Wanted
  2. LDL
  3. Distant and Wide
  4. Channel 3
  5. (Cool as a Joke)
  6. Cloud Words
  7. Hand Me Down Heart
  8. Wouldn't It Be So Nice
  9. (That's Why We're on) Welfare
  10. Do You Remember
  11. Maybe Someone
  12. Out of Focus
  13. Unbroken Chain
  14. Dense/Cheap
  15. Band on the Dump
  16. Groups with Guitars


Luv-a-Lot Records LV29

Track Listing(Click on a link to listen)
  1. My Baby Loves Me
  2. Drivin' to Hawaii
  3. Everything is Natural
  4. The Sun Keeps Track
  5. It's So Hard
  • Recorded at Care-a-Lot Studios in New York, NY with Dashan Coram
  • Released on Luv-a-Lot Records
  • "My Baby Loves Me" received 4 stars on Pitchfork


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RiYL Records REC006

Track Listing(Click on a link to listen)
  1. Happy Today
  2. Birds Fly High
  3. Twist in the End
  4. Nothin' Would Be Better
  5. (646)
  6. 4 da Boydz
  7. He Wanders
  8. When I Die
  9. See You in the Paper
  10. Snow Covered Eyes
  11. Head Fell in Love
  12. Sometimes I Feel Life


(Sam and Simon)
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Track Listing (Click on a link to listen)
  1. I Remember a Time
  2. I'm of No More Use to Me
  3. Sunday's the Day
  4. Do You Love Me
  5. You Took My Heart Babe
  6. Instro
  7. Jesus Christ
  8. He Wanders
  9. You Laid Me Off Your Love